Office Automation Systems are computer based information systems that are new and expanding very quickly. In any work environment, people, tasks, equipment and resources are organized to accomplish specific objectives, generally some type of product. In the Office, the product is Information. Information is the product of data processing and is equivalent to finished goods produced after processing the raw material and also valuable in decision making.


  • Office automation reduces the number of clerical
  • Large firms no longer have to employ typists
  • Office employees become more flexible and several people
  • Receptionists can spend more time with clients
  • Managers need not necessarily delegate typing, to include more Public Relations work
  • Brings tools and techniques into office and assists people as they process information.
  • Alters the quality of work(QWL), which focuses on opportunities to workers job satisfaction
    by providing meaningful job as a supportive environment.
  • Increase productivity
  • Can be used to gain strategic advantage.
Office Automation System