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A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology.

  • Employee Self Service.
  • Leave Management.
  • Time and Attandance Management.
  • Performance Management.
  • Recruitment Management.
  • Payroll.
  • Web Development Services.
  • Application Development and Maintenance Services.

MoonVeda’s SEZ Fixed Asset Management system (FAMS) offers comprehensive solutions for SEZ units across India with complete statutory compliances management. FAMS transforms the management of all categories of SEZ unit’s corporate assets, from plant and equipment to facilities. The totally integrated solution combines a powerful asset register with robust maintenance management, import management, asset tracking and asset accounting to reduce costs, improve stock management and maximize the lifetime value of every asset. Combining real time, anywhere, anytime access to asset information with streamlined, automated processes for maintaining and accounting of assets minimizes compliance overhead, improves service levels and realizes environmental strategies.

MoonVeda InfoTech’s SEZ A1, A2, A3 is a cloud based SAAS application offers one stop solution forcomplete process management solution, designed and developed to manage and complete SEZ A1, A2, A3 forms like submission of original invoices as well as the Certificate from the Statutory Auditor with development commissioner approvals summery, process deadlines and complete statutory guidelines in consideration of effective date, time limit, effective date of applicability and offer reporting and status alerts for crucial time based process.

SEZ is a specially designated duty free enclave deemed to be a foreign territory for the purpose of trade operations, duties and tariffs.

Office Automation Systems are computer based information systems that are new and expanding very quickly. In any work environment, people, tasks, equipment and resources are organized to accomplish specific objectives, generally some type of product. In the Office, the product is Information. Information is the product of data processing and is equivalent to finished goods produced after processing the raw material and also valuable in decision making.

  • Helps improve communication by sharing important company news and information with your entire global
  • Provides HR and managers instant, anytime access to the insight and tools needed to proactively manage their
    people and efficiently perform critical business activities.
  • Enables employees to directly access their personal pay, benefits, HR, performance information, and more.
  • Delivers quick access to rich, real-time business intelligence and reporting across all areas of human capital
  • Creates a personal, engaging experience that allows employees to select their display preferences, including
    preferred language and content layout.